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What are the most usual gate problems?

Since gates are installed to secure properties, the worse problem would be when the gate doesn't close properly. So, Gate Repair Westchester suggests regular inspections of hinges, tracks, wheels, springs and openers and for the sake of your safety, check the sensors, too.

Are roll up gates appropriate for homes?

Although rolling gates are mostly used in commercial establishments, to secure office windows and for different other applications, they can surely be installed in residential properties as well. You just need to create the right infrastructure at the fence for rolling gates installation.

Why do tracks get misaligned?

Your driveway gate track will get misaligned when the hardware securing it in one place is loose or when you accidentally hit it with your car. In such cases, the track will lose its initial position and the gate won't move properly, won't open and won't close.

What material is best for gates?

The best material for gates is aluminum steel. A lot of residential clients use wood because it looks more beautiful, but wood can be heavy and gate systems might have a hard time dragging its weight, especially if it is a large gate. Aluminum steel is more durable and lightweight too.

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